Tattoo Equipment

tattoo equipment

All basic equipment Tattoo Artist Studio and needs

By Sarah Freeland

Most people have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make a tattoo, but some are not sure of the basic necessity that are necessary to preform sterile, and a tattoo. The following are names and descriptions of items you'll need to get started.

tattoo equipmentAutoclave: By far one of the most important in a tattoo shop. The autoclave provides a way for the needles, grips, and tubes to be sterilized properly. Autoclaves are a device that exposes items to steam at high pressure to decontaminate the materials and make them sterile. All items must be individually wrapped and packaged in front of the customer.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a device that emits high-frequency vibrations to remove deposits of ink throughout the tattoo. It should also be used before changing ink pigments. It is also used before sterilization handles, pipes and break the ink dried. Tattoo machine: Of course, this is one of the most important in a tattoo artist's arsenal. The machine uses alternating electromagnetic coils to move the needle bar, and which drives the pigment into the skin. You will also need a power supply, clip cord and foot pedal.

Tubes and handles the back of the tube is inserted into the machine, and is used to align the needles in the machine. The handles are a vital part of ensuring that your hands are not cramped quarters during the tattooing procedure. Most male artists than 1 ½ inch handles are more comfortable as a woman artist, I prefer the 1 inch, or ½ inch handles depending on what I do.

Needles: tattoo needles are available in a variety of sizes from your standard needles for coating 3 round liners, liners or 5 rounds. Shade needles are common apartments, or mags. Flat battery needles needles on two or three rows depending on the size. Mags are staggered stack of needles that allows better movement of pigment.

Green soap: This is a liquid soap made from vegetable oils, is used in cleaning the skin in preparation for the tattoo. This is an ideal way to clean the excess ink work, and also upon completion of the tattoo before it is covered. Oil, or Bacitracin: These are used in the same way, but the oil is used for lubrication throughout the tattoo. Bacitracin can be used to aid in lubrication, and after the tattoo is finished.

Plastic cup: It seems pretty mediocre, but it will be a way for you to use your ultrasonic without risk of cross contamination. Spray bottle: You need a spray bottle filled with green soap and one with water. Water will help you wash of color. Plastic: You should always cover all of your non-disposable items. Spray bottles, Machine, Clip Cord, ink and bottles.

Plastic wrap: The plastic wrap should be placed on all surfaces that the tattoo will be on. These weapons as President, and tattoo beds. This also prevents cross-contamination from one client to another.

tattoo equipmentInk: May you find that you must go through several brands of ink to find the ones you like. Search ink that remains alive in the skin after the completion of tattooing, ease of application, and make sure you do not make your client's skin hamburgers to penetrate the skin.

Ink caps and holder: The ink caps are small plastic cups that are used to hold the ink. You should always fill the cup before the tattoo. If you need to meet the caps, remove the gloves and get it done. Keep the tip of the bottle of ink from the ink caps! As they will be contaminated in the process of tattooing.

Gloves: Gloves are explicit, you should always try to use non-latex gloves in May that some customers have allergies. Gloves powder that can irritate the skin. Sharps or hazard bin: This is a tray that you will drop needles, mugs and ink that are used only once and to be contaminated through the tattooing process. The dangers bin must be properly disposed of after it is full. You will search your local laws on hazardous waste disposal.

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