Tattoo Designs For Women - Secrets Bared

Quite recently it has become very popular for women to get tattoos. Until a few years ago it was considered a taboo for women to do so, back then it was considered a sign of rebellion and nonconforming to the society. But all that has changed now, women tattoos were made extremely popular with quite a few of Hollywood stars sporting them. Several Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, Megan Fox, etc. have gotten several tattoos inked on their body.

Tattoo Location

For a woman getting a tattoo, it is very important for her to decide on the location where she wants to get that tattoo. The most popular location has been the lower back for a sexy, flirtatious tattoo. But lately the lower back tattoos have been associated with pejoratives such as "tramp stamp" or "slag tags".

The other really sensuous location for a feminine tattoo is the lower abdomen or around the belly button. But this tattoo would only look good if you have a nice flat stomach moreover you should also consider that this tattoo will completely lose its shape and look really bad if you get pregnant or put on significant weight.

Foot tattoo has also become very popular recently. But the dilemma with the foot tattoo is that it can't be flaunted at will, moreover the foot is not the first thing one notices about someone you meet, so most of the time this tattoo goes ignored. Should blade tattoos are catching in popularity. These tattoos can be easily flaunted and can make the back of the women look more titillating. Other tattoo locations ideal for women are hips, arms or thighs.

Tattoo Design

Women generally are far more particular about picking the right tattoo design than men. They generally do lot more research into the kind of tattoo they need and usually go for custom tattoo designs. There are certain tattoo designs that are distinctly feminine such as angels, fairies, butterflies, stars, floral, tribal, mermaids, Celtic, dolphins, etc. But it is best not to select a cookie cutter type of design, but to carefully select a custom design on these lines. Also it takes some thinking to match the design with its right location. A butterfly tattoo for example might look really good on the lower back but it might not look that great on the foot, likewise fairy tattoos may not look good on the lower back.

Another point to consider regarding the design is the color of the tattoo. Brightly colored tattoos generally look more alluring than darker tattoos. But some designs such as tribal, Aztec need to be done only in black. Also smaller tattoos generally look cuter on women than larger, flagrant ones.

Picking a tattoo requires careful consideration as it is something permanent. There are quite a few quality tattoo galleries on the internet. Get a membership to one of these sites and carefully research the tattoos there to pick something that will match your personality and style and will increase your sex appeal.

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