The Bikers and military tattoo history

Throughout the history of tattoos, there have been a number of types that have become renewed. However, to fully understand the regenerated genre of tattooing, it is imperative to any tattoo artist to fully understand the roots of his/her career.

Biker tattoos have been often thought of prison, gangs, and the “big bad” biker mentality. Though in reality only one percent of bikers are in “biker gangs”. Many wives tales about the nomadic bikers who have represented the negative side of bikers.

Bikers have been known to get bad press, the one percent you hear about and their turf wars, conflicts with the law and criminal activity. However, most are simply biker enthusiast, and are generally the people you see riding around on the streets these days. Most biker lifestyles are about the freedom of the open road.

Everyone will look on bikers in a different manner, however the general perception is often the wrong one. Biker tattoos are usually a depiction of the biker gangs. Skulls, dice, Norse gods, and mythical creatures are often times one of the more popular for bikers. Though, many like the old school sailor tattoos, pin ups are a frequent sighting.

Much like Biker tattoos, military tattoos have long been a tradition in our history. Millions of men and women who have served in the armed forces done tattoos as a constant reminder that they belonged to a particular unit. Tattoos not only are a badge of their loyalty to their unit, but to their country. Some even get tattoos to honor close friends lost in combat.

Tattoos are most common in the navy, and the army in close second. The marines and the air force are also commemorated through tattoos, however not quite as often. The most common tattoos in the military range from Unit patches, military awards, eagles, US flag, dog tags, pilot wings, fighter planes, war veteran tattoos, anchors, pin ups, and sailor Jerry tattoos.

Although common, the military has since placed more stringent rules and regulations on tattoos. So, most men and women of the military must wait until the completion of their service to get their new ink.

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