Tattoo Designs - Which to Choose?

Choosing a tattoo for the first time can be a hard thing to do, especially when the tattoo is going to be permanent on your body for the rest of your life. Now which tattoo designs should you choose? First thing you need to consider is WHY you are getting the tattoo, what is your motive behind the tattoo? What do you want to express through the tattoo? This will surely help you cut down your search options so that you can choose the perfect tattoo design that you want.

I have a few in my mind that I don't mind sharing, so here they are:
- If you enjoy outside stuff such as trees, nature in general, animals, and other things, you can use this as a motivation to get the tattoo in this category.
- Another thing you can think about is if you love art. What kind of artist comes to your mind, what kind of art design comes to your mind and stuff along those areas.
- There are a lot of people out there that use famous people such as poets, music artists and what not.
- These days, I myself have seen many people use Graffiti type of tattoo's on their body all the time.
- Many people these days are also looking at Tribal or Celtic types of tattoo's to show off on their body.
- Some of the other tattoo designs include cultural tattoos, historical tattoos, etc.
- You know what would be a good idea, getting Abstract Tattoo's on your body. I have seen people use this type as well.
- A unique way to express is writing quotes in different languages on your body as well.
- Maybe you can try tattoo mixing? Perhaps mix several different tattoos into some type of tattoo?

You know what would make you really stand out is if you created your OWN type of tattoo. Sure, you can go to a Tattoo parlor and get a random tattoo through a design book, but does it really make sense to be unoriginal? Would you not like to be creative and want to stand out from the crowd? You can create your own types of tattoo(s) if you want. Let me share a few ideas with you just to give you a head start.

- Neck to Leg, Full out Fire Dragon on back or front of body
- Crying baby from your neck to your legs on your back or front

These are just a few ideas that you may consider. In all my years of tattoo designing and studying, I have never seen those kinds of tattoos done to anyone before, so this may be a good chance for you to snag a pretty good design or designs.

Now you maybe thinking, why create my own tattoos when I can just get a already created one? As I've said above, it's better to be unique than to carry an overused tattoo. You can add your OWN personal touch to your tattoo. Add as much detail you want to your tattoo, as much as you want. Just remember than the bigger in details your tattoo is, the more expensive your tattoo may get, depending on which tattoo parlor you go to, just keep that in mind.

There is one type of tattoo that interests me the most out of everything and that is Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs. What is it you may ask? Full sleeve tattoo design is the popularity tattoo designs that not are only carried by a regular person, but famous people such as celebrities, soccer players, football players, basketball players and other sports people carry, as well as many other types of famous people.

One of the main reasons as to why people really do this type of tattooing is because they want to unravel a story that they are trying to give off. For example, I have seen a famous soccer player that carries a full arm tattoo and his tattoo signifies what he loves, which is soccer and the love for his country. People in this type of tattooing always express personal touches and personal expressions.

There is one thing that I would like to warn you about and what to do about it. You are going to be stuck with a tattoo for a LONG, LONG time, so you might as well choose a tattoo worth your while. So you should do what some famous people have done. Start your tattoo design off small, meaning start your tattoo design small and then work your way up from there. The beauty of having new technology is that you can see how a tattoo will look on you before you wear it, so be sure to look on the computer to see if the tattoo is right for you or not. Start off with a small tattoo and then work your way from there. Carefully choose every portion of your tattoo remembering that you WILL be stuck with this tattoo for a very long time. You may want to put several small tattoos together to make a larger tattoo or you could put a few large tattoos together to make a rather large, but unique tattoo to show off.

So basically, after all of the information I have shared with you in this article, I just want to sum it all up by giving you a short summary. What I have talked to you above in this article can be summarized like this:

1. Gather up a design idea for your tattoo (either from a design book or your own design)
2. Finalize on a design that will perfectly suit you and the type of person you are.
3. Find a tattoo artist
a. This shouldn't be much of a hard task at all. Every city has tattoo designs, just look on the Internet if you have trouble.
4. Test your tattoo design
5. Have your tattoo design done on your body.

Greek Tattoos For Girls

Do you think Greek tattoos are for the guys only? Well, think again because some of the best Greek tattoos are for girls. Not only are the designs great but they can be custom made by none other but you!

At one point in time, tattoos on a woman were not the "norm", and many women who had them covered them up when out in public. Thank goodness that in today's world we can have as much fun with tattoos as the guys can without being criticized.

Popular places for girls to get tattoos include the lower back, ankles, wrists, belly button, and the front of the hips. Greek tattoos for girls can be amazing and really stand out when custom designed instead of being just the old standard designs out of a parlor book. Let's look at what's popular and has a Greek history on top of it.


Butterflies are very popular and many people don't realize that they do in fact have Greek significance. The ancient Greek word for butterfly is "psyche" which means "soul". In Greek mythology, butterflies were associated with the human soul. They were considered to be the souls of those who had passed away, flying into the heavens.

The Greek God Eros married a human woman named Psyche. They are very often pictured together surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Greek tattoos for girls can include simple forms of butterflies or intricate designs that surround a figure or figures.


Greek tattoos for girls wouldn't be complete without a reference to angels. The word "angel" comes from the Greek term "angelos". Quite simply, angelos means messenger. In the Greek religion, an angelos was a divine messenger who relayed messages from the Gods to the humans. They were the intermediates between the Gods and us earthlings. Some of the Gods even had wings themselves and there is reference in some of the myths to humans who could fly.

The halo that Christians associate with angels actually originated in Greek times. The sun God Helios was depicted in many paintings with a halo. The image of the halo (or the golden light) has stuck and is generally associated with angels.

Angels can be used very simply by themselves or more elaborately if you choose. They look great when shown flying in a bundle of clouds or drifting elegantly down to earth. The possibilities are endless.

Both butterflies and angels make great Greek tattoos for girls. The secret to getting a tattoo that will stand out above the rest is to do some research yourself. Keep in mind that the designs that you see in a parlor are very basic. They are designed that way to get you in and out as fast as possible.

Tattoo Patterns

Why is accomplishing analysis on boom patterns important afore accepting a new tattoo? There are abounding affidavit for that but the cardinal one acumen I anticipate is because it's a abiding mark on your body. Even admitting now canicule there is laser abatement technology but it's still not 100%. So to artlessly put it, you don't appetite an animal mark on your anatomy for the blow of your life.

Another advocacy I accept is don't boom your boyfriend/girlfriend's name on your body. It's aloof too aerial of a risk. Not jinxing anyone actuality but what if article in the accord didn't assignment out and it's time to move on for a new relationship? You can brainstorm aggravating to explain that one would be appealing difficult. I've absolutely heard a guy say "it's my mom's name!" but seriously, who would buy that?

The purpose of researching boom patterns is to acquisition article you like, or article that'll accord you an abstraction of what you like to have. I alone like to acquisition a few altered boom patterns I like again try to amalgamate them into a actual altered and air-conditioned attractive design.

I about don't aloof aces a boom architecture and put it on my anatomy account I don't anticipate that's appropriate enough. I like to be altered and I like to be unique. Boom is a way of cogent your attitude and personality so why do you appetite to be like everybody else?

I do accept one allotment of aboriginal boom which is a Chinese appearance that translates into the chat "devil". While we're on the accountable of tattooing adopted accent on your body... Please... Accept addition who can absolutely accept that accent to attending at it afore you get it inked. I had a acquaintance who tattooed agglomeration of nonsense on his anatomy because there was a blueprint in the boom boutique that "supposedly" translated A-Z into 26 Chinese characters. And actual blithely he thought, Chinese charge spell the aforementioned way as English!

Guys amuse don't accomplish brainless mistakes like that which will end up awkward you for the blow of your life. Aloof absorb some time and attending admitting some boom patterns anxiously afore you accomplish a actual important decision.

Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture

Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 1Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 1

Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 2Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 2

Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 3Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 3

Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 4Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 4

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Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 7Gallery Tattoo Designs With Image Japanese Tattoos Especially Japanese Geisha Tattoo Picture 7

Rose Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Rose tattoo

Getting a rose boom is cool. Aside from the actuality that roses are amid the best exquisite, beautiful, absorbing and accepted boom designs, it would be blood-tingling to apperceive that roses are affluent in symbolism. Whether the boom is a big one or a baby one, for sure, a rose would consistently be an eye catcher. Men and women both adopt to accept rose tattoos. It is absorbing to agenda that admitting its floral and feminine nature, the rose boom architecture is accepted amid men. Take agenda that men cutting rose tattoos do not accept to be gay. A abundant cardinal of beeline guys additionally adjudge to accept a rose apparent on their skin.

Among the best accepted and analytic affidavit why roses are accepted is its all-embracing admirable and absorbing design. Roses are absorbing flowers, and as such are consistently acceptable to attending at. Rose tattoos generally appear with bright blush schemes. There may be hues and shades of apprehend and some blooming parts. The boom architecture is so bright and is about consistently artistically done and implemented. The boom is additionally fun to attending at and is generally taken as a claimed symbolism. Roses for boom fanatics beggarly activity and alacrity for specific activity factors. The acceptable apologue is adulation and devotion, admitting now those symbolisms are acceptable negligible.

A boom architecture can calmly be personalized. Often, you can see rose tattoos address claimed names. Men would readily accept the names of their wives or girlfriends arresting and chip in a rose design. The boom architecture itself, after any belletrist or names, is a acceptable apologue and representation itself of affair and love. Thus, it is accessible and analytic to infer that a being accepting a rose boom is romantically absorbed and is a accepter of the ability of love.

Most of all, rose tattoos are amid the best popular. You apperceive how bodies would consistently be able to jump into bandwagons. The examples set by celebrities and icons additionally added bolster the acceptance of the boom design. A rose is hardly accompanying to delicacy admitting its floral nature. Thus, bodies still see a faculty of abstruseness for affidavit why bodies would adopt to get the simple, yet adorable rose tattoos on their skin. If you aim to get a boom now, accede accepting a rose architecture fabricated and acquisition out for yourself why such a best is consistently satisfying.

Tattoo Lettering

Different Tattoo Lettering

By Marya Wordsworth

For centuries people have used images to display their intention for all to see, but, as with any new era, new phenomena appear in the form of tattoo lettering. Italic tattoo lettering is one of the hundreds of font styles for you to choose from. But the Tattoo Letteringitalic font is one that shows the class and most of the way really nice to express yourself.

Popular, but personally, the way that many people choose to enter a letter into the tattoo is to have it in or accompanying the tattoo. That way you can feature the best of both worlds in one tattoo and still have personal meaning you want.

While the most popular and often think of the color that will be used is black, do not limit yourself. Try your favorite color or mixture of colors, even a rainbow in the text, to give you a tattoo italics higher sense of creativity, uniqueness and personality. After all, your tattoo will talk about you and to you for the rest of your life.

Selecting the text what the ink on your body is probably the second most important Tattoo Letteringthing to consider when deciding to get a italic tattoo lettering, the first is the fonts themselves. You want something meaningful and uniquely yours, but at the same time you may not want a tattoo that will either get angry or throw people for a loop when trying to find out what it means and then why did you choose it. That, of course, unless it is your intention.

Another thing that you should put under high consideration is where to put the italic tattoo lettering. Many people, men and women, who choose to have ink on their backs. The main reason is that you're back is the largest and most flat of your body, which makes a great blank canvas for many different tattoos, especially a larger or contain phrases. Women seem to find that tattoo put italics on the back of their lower add a little sex appeal, while men seem to use all of them back to display like that.

However you go, it would be a big piece that you will treasure for the rest of your Tattoo Letteringlife. Do you want your name, your child's name (or the names of your children), your zodiac sign, name your pet, your favorite phrase or anything else you can think of, tattoos italics are the perfect solution for everything.

Do not forget to put your mind where you want to put your tattoo italics because that would be a permanent mark for years to come; and, of course, do not forget to be creative in the color or colors you choose. You want to make this something that is yours and yours alone. No matter what you choose to write and where you choose to write, it would be a striking work of art that everyone will enjoy.

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Tree Tattoo Pictures

Tree tattoo pictures are not very common. Are they? Not many people will be having tree tattoos. Have you wondered why it is so? That is because trees have a great significance in many Asian and African cultures. It also has links with Celtic history. The meaning of tree tattoo pictures is linked with all these cultures and the impact and significance is so strong that many people prefer not to get it.

Now if you are thinking that you see so many girls with different flower tattoos like roses, daisy, lily, sunflower and leaves like shamrock and others. Are they not tree tattoo pictures? NO! They are not. They are flower tattoos. I am talking about a tree as in whole.

So here are some popular tree tattoo pictures for you!

The most popular one is the cherry tree tattoo pictures. This female-only tattoo is a symbol of sexuality and beauty but not in literal terms. This tattoo gets its meaning from the Japanese cherry blossom which is a symbol of life which is short and beautiful and Chinese cherry blossom which means power. Both these are close to beauty of a woman which is her power and is also short lived. However there is this not so popular tattoo of cherry tree with falling cherry. It means that a girl has lost her innocence and Beauty just as a cherry fallen from a tree loses its beauty and juice. So many girls avoid it fearing it might convey wrong message.

Then there is the Bodhi tree; A tree under which Buddha sat for years and meditated. He finally got his enlightenment under this tree. People who firmly believe in the teachings of Buddha have Bodhi tree tattoo pictures. Very few in today's world who firmly believes and follows his teachings may get one!!

Then there is the acorn which grows to mighty oak tree. Acorn has so many different meanings in different cultures. It varies from strength to fertility. Even in tattoo pictures it differs in the way it's drawn. Then there are other trees as well.

So you think you will get a tree tattoo!

Click any of the links below to see what you have been missing but HURRY, there is a limited time savings on lifetime memberships so act now!

Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Gallery Picture

Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 1Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 1

Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 2Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 2

Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 3Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 3

Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 4Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 4

Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 5Dragon Tattoos Especially Rising Dragon Tattoo Designs Picture 5

Tattoo Design and Styles For Women

There you are. A strong, independent woman, ready to make your statement to the world. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is through the art of tattoos.

No longer the social faux-paus, the art of tattooing has moved forward leaps and bounds in the past ten years. Women no longer have to feel the need to hide their works of art, let alone smother the desire to get inked.

In today's much more advanced way of living, appreciating our true selves has become a mainstay of the ultimate survivor. For me, my first tattoo was a simple statement, one that said I was going to me myself, whether the masses liked it or not. This was over 15 years ago, and I have to admit the shocked gazes I received when "exposing" my art were more than worth it. These days, the shocked gazes are much fewer, mostly because those same folks have found the courage to do it themselves. Safety in numbers? You betcha!

If you are a woman who is considering a tattoo, there are numerous forums available to you to begin your journey. As in most major decisions of this nature, research is key. Not only do you want the design itself to be perfect, you also want to know you are working with an artist who will respect you and your wishes. An artist who will journey with you, offering advice and support along the way.

When I began my journey, there was no internet, and I pounded the pavement to different parlors, trying my best to find a design and artist I was comfortable with. These days, it doesn't have to be nearly so difficult, and with the technology available, many artists can incorporate personal elements into any design you choose.

Enjoy yourself, be you! This awesome world we have evolved to wants to hear you tell your tale, and body art is only one way. Express yourself and find a whole new level of independence in simply appreciating who you really are.

Tattoo Supplies

Although there are quite a lot of tattoo supplies are made to be used in place of the tattoo and the industry as a whole, for a beginner, there are only a few tattoo supplies to their concerns. In this article, a review will be made from these stocks with a description of their basic use and function. This information is relevant for interesting people to become a tattoo artist or just want to learn more about tattoo supplies.

Tattoo SuppliesStarting with the most recognizable tool, let us look at the tattoo machine. Often one called a "tattoo gun, tattoo machine is a gun-like device used tools to do the work of tattoo. This is the main tool tattoo. But the tattoo machine would be worthless if not for the other instruments, that needles, ink, and of course, the source of power. Let's look at this tattoo next supply.

Tattoo needle is inserted into the tattoo machine. This includes both protective and ship tattoo needles. In order for them to do anything, the ink is inserted into the machine. Needle dipped into the ink and then the needle puncture the skin, leaving a small Tattoo Suppliesdeposit in the body ink tattoo recipients. This, in essence, how the tattoo done.

Electricity is often overlooked component of tattoo supplies. This is not a very interesting area for discussion, but a good power supply is near mandatory to have when practicing on a regular basis. Ideally, the electric tattoo machine will be equipped with a foot pedal for easy control of power, leaving the tattoo artist's hands to guide their work.

Together, these needles, tattoo ink is different, a solid power tattoo supplies, and a tattoo machine (or guns) to the basics of what a tattoo supplies needs in the hands of an artist to do the work of tattoo. This, of course, and willing to clients who want a tattoo!

By Ben Quick

Tattoo Supplies

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Body Art Tattoo

Body art tattooBody Art Tattoo have pleasing to see and can be a source of concern for those who exercise it. This is especially true that is why often availed by people who want to get attention as thespians, athletes, and musicians. However, attention can be either positive or negative, and in the case of tattoos, mostly negative. This is why having a tattoo is not recommended by many people even though the idea quickly becomes more and more popular.

Negative attention has a tattoo on the back is strongly influenced by the fact that most associated with crime and bad behavior. This is common practice for gangs to exercise certain kinds of Body Art Tattoobody art tattoo as a symbol of membership and identification. This is a common sight in the prisons where the criminals in jail to get tattoos to signify a crime they did. This is why the people with a lot of tattoos that easily associated with serious criminals who have been living a life filled with crime and error.

Apart from this, tattoos are also relationships with the people who spend most of their lives at sea.
Remember "Popeye the sailor man" with a famous anchor tattoos? Being a sailor is just one of many professions who consider tattoos as a general Body Art Tattoopractice and tradition. Others included soldiers and the circus workers. This is why parents who do not want their children to be associated with these professions are often snickered at the sight of even the simplest and most innocent - looking tattoo.

No matter what the reason behind having a body art tattoo, what is important is that it is used as a medium for self - expression. Hopefully, over time it will eventually be accepted by everyone in the world. By Tony Newton

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Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Gallery Picture

Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 1Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 1

Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 2Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 2

Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 3Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 3

Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 4Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 4

Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 5Collection Tattoo Designs Especially Fairy Tattoos Picture 5

Tattoos Or Scars?

Which one tells the better story??

We have all heard the quote, "Scars are just tattoos with better stories". But is that really true?

Is the story about how you fell off your bike and had a rock in your knee really better than the story told by a World War II veteran about how he got this tattoo while stationed in some exotic place with his war buddies? I think the stories are two different beasts. One is a story that is shared and related to others often, the other is one that is sometimes kept only to that person and a select few because of the memories it conjures up. If it is just the story we are concerned with, I think it would be better to stick to the scar.

However, there are different kinds of tattoo stories as well. The stories of a spring break down in Panama, a family member or friend remembered forever or just one crazy night in college. Which story would we be more interested in hearing? For the most part, I am guessing that it would be about the spring break or crazy night in college...because we never want to get to close to people anymore and know something as intimate as the story behind the anchor, initials and dates that sometime adorn the bodies around us.

Would it be so terrible to walk up to someone you know and ask them about the tattoo on their arm or leg? Sometimes you understand the meaning of the tattoo by just looking at it but do you really understand the reasoning behind the person getting it if you never take the time to ask? Most people are glad to share that information with you and most of the time; I bet you will be surprised at how open individuals can be when you give them the chance.

As we watched the Olympics this summer a lot of tattoo talk was brought up by a certain photo. Yes, I'm talking about the Misty May Treanor/ President Bush photo. Misty has three tattoos; one is on her lower back of the Roman numeral five along with initials (the tattoo represents her favorite number and basketball player Jason Kidd).

Those details aside, if you have ever watched a match including May Treanor and her partner Kerri Walsh, (or if you watched their interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show) you know that Kerri slaps her behind after a good play. All President Bush was doing was a more appropriate way of doing that when he visited their practice. I shudder to think what former President Clinton would have done in that position. But back to the tattoos and scars...

I wonder if Misty enjoys the fact that everyone knows what her tattoos mean. We heard it all throughout the Olympics, the one of her shoulder is in remembrance of her mother Barbara May, the one in the famous photo also includes her grandmothers initials, and on her wrist is tattooed M2, a tattoo which she shares with her husband, Marlin's catcher Matt Treanor (but we didn't hear about that one...maybe because its not too visible?)

Do we talk about the scars that Misty surely has from all her years in sports? I haven't heard one thing about any athletes or celebrities scars unless they were surgery and therefore the scar is 'job related'. You don't hear that this scar is from climbing a tree in the backyard or this scar is from a little league baseball game. Why is that?

Are tattoos that much more interesting than scars? Does having a tattoo represent something make it more important than the scar you got while sliding into home to score the winning run? Who decides it is more important?

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

How Right Past The Generic Illustrations Phoenix Tattoo Design

By Adam Woodham

It does not take a genius to find Phoenix tattoo design online. The Internet is full of them. The only problem is that most of them turn out to be generic, low end images that no one should be used as real tattoos. If using a search tool to find the designs you want, you'll want to read why this is not a good idea.

Phoenix TattooFirst, I want to say that Phoenix tattoo design is always a great option. These are some of the most fascinating tattoos you could think about how inked. That said, you may have noticed that many of the images they're looking for this style are not close to being "great". That's because search engines tend to lift tons of galleries that are packed with nothing but generic, cookie cutter images that are more than seven years old. Above all, a good 70% of the images were not even meant to be used as real tattoos! That's the scary part, because some galleries will throw any type of artwork in their sub pages.

They do not care that the images will not be anywhere near as good as it looked on paper once someone gets tattoos. Too much of this type of art, even for a Phoenix tattoo design, is floating around the web and search engines seem to love makes you throw up in their results.

Ok, enough of that. Let a simple and efficient way to discover a lot of the hidden, superb galleries that have been losing ...

Phoenix TattooTo find a quality Phoenix tattoo design on the net, you have to realize that in international forums are loaded with information about where galleries are sizzling. Tattoos become a big issue in most of the forums, so you better believe that the issue of good galleries come up very often. All you have to do is go through the posts and find links to great galleries to other men and women have found. It's as easy as that.

It is a simple and fun way to find dozens and dozens of world-class galleries out there that probably have an enormous amount of art design Phoenix Tattoo for you to browse. No matter the Phoenix tattoo design choice is completed, please ensure that you have to pick the exact wants and not settle for less.

Phoenix Tattoo

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Lower Back Tattoo Designs With Image Sexy Girls With Lower Back Heart Tattoo Picture 3Lower Back Tattoo Designs With Image Sexy Girls With Lower Back Heart Tattoo Picture 3

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