The most current in style lower back tattoos

lower back tattoos

The most current in style lower back tattoos are:

- Angel tattoos project a forward thinking belief in life and it is believed that when a man wears an angel tattoo the he likes the ladies!

- The most popular cross tattoos for the lower back is the Christian cross. Other cross designs that are popular are the Celtic, Egyptian or Russian cross and look especially good in the centre of the lower back.

- Dragon tattoos are very popular and look great as a lower back tattoo especially when they are big and are wrapped around the body with their wings spanning across the lower back and breathing fire up the spine. They actually signify authoritative, fierce, and liberated personalities.

- The popular trend for star tattoos is to have them placed in the centre of the lower back or on the hips. As these designs are small they can be discretely hidden.

lower back tattoo

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