Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

7 Tips to Get a

  1. Choose a Kanji character to represent a certain word or expression.
  2. Select a traditional animal from Japanese culture. Choose an animal whose meaning represents your personality.
  3. Incorporate the natural beauty of Japanese flora in your tattoo with a delicate cherry blossom, lotus flower or other floral design. The Japanese revere the serene beauty of the world around; if natural beauty is something you hold a deep appreciation for as well, consider demonstrating that appreciation through your tattoo.
  4. Take a page from other traditional Japanese landscaping elements for your tattoo.
  5. Use a temple scene or a rendering of the Buddha in your tattoo design if you want to pay homage to traditional Japanese spirituality.
  6. Place your tattoo on your arms, shoulders or back in keeping with Japanese tradition.
  7. Opt for a bold statement if you really want a tattoo in the Japanese tradition. A typical Japanese tattoo often spans the length and width of the back.

japanese tattoo

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