Tattoo Studios

tattoo studios

Tattoo Studios try to be more upscale

By Ashley M Ford

There is no denying that when many people hear the word tattoo or see someone with a tattoo that they may not have the most beautiful thoughts. When most people think of tattoos negativity is almost always that they join it. Which, if you are educated in tattoos and the tattoo community that you know this could not be further from the truth. The majority of people with tattoos are abiding the law, they have never been in prison, they have no criminal history and they have good paying jobs. Unfortunately, the few bad apples who are out there that have tattoos dawn created this stigma. Back in tattoos royalty day dawns and people from affluent backgrounds. But soon the people of the lower class caught on the craze of tattooing and the fee soon ceased to be purchased. This is more than likely the reason why tattoos are associated with bad people.

tattoo studiosHowever, there is a tattoo parlor or a tattoo studios as they liked to be called in Las Vegas trying to get people to see that tattoo studios are not a bad thing and they can be upscale . Tattoo Club is nestled between an art gallery and a store of cookware upscale. One owner had this comment to make about them so hard to eliminate the negative stigma of tattoo parlors or tattoo studios if you want.

Our goal has been from the beginning to eliminate stigma of what people had thought of tattoos and tattoo artists, they're kind of dirty, Tough Guys [Working] convicts, bikers [and ] military guys overseas, "Bennington said. "Our goal has always been to improve the image of the tattoo industry as a whole." Tattoo Club strives to change public perceptions by putting the tattoo in his forehead. "

tattoo studios

tattoo studios

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