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Are you looking for some and not sure where to start and you want to get the best tattoo design idea possible well you need to read this and hopefully when we are done you will be better prepared to find what you want and where to go get it at.

Well you must be interested in a tattoo design idea or you would not be reading this right now so here we go there are a number of ways to get started.

#1 You could go to all of the tattoo shops that you can find around you and look at what they call flash books or some places have pictures all over the walls you can look at to get your tattoo design idea design ideas

#2 (This is the step I like) You can cruise all over the net and find a realy great tattoo design idea and I do not mean the free ones you see everywhere you might as well go to the first parlor you see and point at any picture on the wall and say give me that tattoo because I want to be like everyone else. Well that When I get a tattoo I go to a few sites that I know of (which I will show you how to get to them later) And see what is on them these sites have real artist and real people you can talk with to get some realy cool tattoo design ideas.

And yes I know you are saying well this is another guy trying to sell me something that is crap and getting me all excited that im going to find the best tattoo design idea in the universe and all I need to do is spend a billion dollars right now just click here crap.

No I am not that guy I can't sell water in hell so how am I gong to sell you a tattoo design idea. I am just trying to help you find the right places to get a good if not the best idea possible because getting a piece of crap permanently inked onto your body sucks.Below are some of the types of tattoo design ideas you will find at some of the places I have found.

Abstract Belly Button Bird Chinese Dolphin Eagle Fairy Fantasy Harley Davidson Heart Horse Insect Japanese Lizard Lower Back Mermaid Patriotic American Religious Rose Scorpion Skull Snake Sport Star Sun Symbols Tiger Tribal Wolf Women Words Zodiac Alien Angel Animal Asian Butterfly Cartoon Clown Cross Demon Devil Dragon Monster Native American Pinup Religious Skeleton Sun and Star Celtic Flower Symbols

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