Ankle Tattoo

ankle tattoo

Why Wrist Foot and Ankle Tattoo Designs Are So Hot - Sexy and Cute Tattoo Designs for Girls

By Chris Ryerson

Have you noticed that in recent years, the tattoo lower back is not as popular as before? It seems that as of May women have gone out and got less back tattoos that many women are now looking for something else. Of course, they always want something that's cute, feminine design and a hot tattoo look for girls. However, most women these days are no longer getting the lower back tattoo designs. They opt for foot tattoos, tattoo designs of wrist and ankle tattoo instead. Why do people have changed and what makes these places so popular among women and also so sexy.

ankle tattooMiniatures, Small and Sexy

Often getting a tattoo on top of your foot or the underside of your wrist by its very nature, means that the tattoo design should be quite small. It is interesting, but something magical happens when people miniaturize things. She makes some cute and sexy at once. This is also true for tattoo designs. If you are considering obtaining a tattoo design on the ankle then you're probably looking for something on the smaller side and by its very nature it will be cute and sexy.

Easy To Cover

Another reason these areas like the feet are also a popular place on the body to get a tattoo is that they are easy to conceal. For example, a wrist or foot or even a pin can easily be masked by a pair of socks or a watch. Yet, when one wants to reveal their sexy cute design or tattoo, they can easily prove to anyone they wish.

ankle tattooEasy to Get Tattoos

Another thing that makes these tattoos so popular is that they are very easy to get inked. A small tattoo that goes into these places is easy to design and takes an hour or less time to get inked. Therefore, if you are unsure of the pain of a tattoo or go to your first drawing is an easy way to start. It is not as expensive as a large tattoo design and it can be much cheaper in the end. It gives you a taste of the experience without going overboard. You may decide later, like most people who get tattoos, you want more but that is fairly easy to do.

The only word of advice is one of those areas can be difficult to get a tattoo from some other parts of the body. It does not really most people back, but you can mentally prepare yourself that this might be a little more painful then other areas get tattooed. Because all three of these areas have very little fatty tissue located between the skin and bones. Therefore, they tend to hurt more when ink is getting done. Again, this does not stop most people and people sit with tattoos all the time and you should be able to do so without too much noise.

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