Cool Tattoo Ideas - Finding The Perfect Location For Your First Tattoo

Are you getting ready to get you first tattoo, and not sure of the location should be? Deciding where the location of your first tattoo is almost as difficult as choosing a tattoo studio and finding the perfect tattoo design. However, there are ways to help you decide where to place your first tattoo.

First, you should know is if you're not worried about the tattoo being visible, you can get a tattoo almost anywhere on your body. This probably makes your decision-making process either easier or more difficult. However, it's good to know you have options for placement such as your chest, bicep, calf, the lower and upper back you forearm and even the back of your neck.

If you concerned about the pain associated with getting a tattoo then you want to think about some areas of the body that can cause you the least amount of pain. You may want to consider getting a tattoo on the upper arm, near your shoulder and you really want to stay away from places that are close to the bone such as the upper back area that's close to the neck. If this is your first tattoo, you may also want to think about getting a small tattoo. Getting smaller tattoo as opposed to a larger one will take less time to apply and you'll be able to judge your tolerance for pain.

The next thing many people worry about is if they want the tattoo visible or not. So you should be considering this question for yourself. To help you decide if you want a tattoo visible or not, you should look at different variables in your life, such as what type of person you are and what your lifestyle is. For example, if you work in corporate America, you may want to get a tattoo in a place that's not to visible such as the upper arm, on the back or upper leg area where the thigh is. The reason for this is some people may judge you inaccurately for having a tattoo. So this gives you the option to keep them covered while working and you have option to wear summer clothes (such as shorts and short sleeves shirts) if your company allows it in their dress code.

Finally, should look at where others have their tattoo and the size of the tattoo. If your friends have a tattoo, you should ask why they got the tattoo at that location on the body. Not only will this give you more information about where to place a tattoo, it will also help keep your mind at ease.

So there you have it, while there are many locations to place your tattoo, you'll find that you have a tough decision ahead of you. Hopefully using the tips above will help you decide the perfect place for your tattoo.

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